This is the first time I’ve made one of these. I couldn’t find any DBZ Click & Drag games so I thought I’d see if I could make one myself. I mostly stuck to the standard captions these games seem to have but I changed one of them to “fuse with”. xD

I hope people have fun with it (well, whoever sees it haha!) Also, apologies for the banner… I’ve never been very good with them.

But I’m wanting to do one for DB as well, and I probably will soon.

My results:

Best Friend: Master Roshi

Lover: Dende

Enemy: Kibito

Has a crush on me: Son Gohan

Fuse with: Vegeta

Cockblocked by: Son Goten

Best Friend: Dende
Lover: Goku
Enemy: Android 18
Has a Crush on you: Gohan
Fuse with: Supreme Kai
Cockblocked by: Gohan

I think I’m rather happy with those results.  (although i will always love vegeta the most<3) 

BF: Mr. Satan

Lover: KrillLIN

Enemy: Vegeta

Crush on me: fuckin Yamcha

Fuse With: (pls b mr. popo) Dende

Cockblocked by: Kibito Kai that asshole

Best Friend: 18

Lover: Goten

Enemy: Trunks

Crush on Me: Dende

Fuse With: Mr. Satan

Cockblocked by Kibito Kai

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